Wall art

Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs– Switch out a couple of your dining chairs for some with color! Brighten up your dining area or kitchen- could also change up stools at the bar area!

Area Rug

Area Rugs– Tie things all together with color! A little color on the floor not only brings some fun into a space but ties all elements together in a colorful way.

Console Table

Console/ Entry Table– Perk up an area in your dining room or just inside you door with a touch of color. A new table or console with a brighter hue can add some character to your space.

Side Table– Tuck in a spot of color with an accent side table. Used a family room, bedroom or on a porch, the possibilities with these colorful tables are endless!


Lamps– A fun and colorful lamp can do more than just light up your space- Just one spot of color can brighten an entire room!


Ottoman– Find a fresh new look with a colorful ottoman! This new addition as a coffee table will liven up a space and provide instant color.


Accessories– Add pops of color throughout your home. Whether on a mantle or in a family room or on a bookshelf in a bedroom, accessories can add cheer to any room of your home!


Pillows– Easy to switch out, using colorful pillows on sofas, loveseats, and chairs can add happiness to otherwise neutral areas.

Wall art

Wall Art/Clocks– Change-up or cover an empty space on your wall with some color. One large piece or several small pieces can make your wall pop!

accent chair

Accent Chair- As and accent piece to a sofa set or in a bedroom, accent chairs are a colorful way to add some seating. with so may to choose from the world is yours!

accent chair